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I'm currently working on:

I am interested in delving deeper into how the underlying software and hardware of the tools/applications we use work on at the bit level. Since it’s a broad topic, I am using the field of embedded development as my compass to see what there is to learn. Along the way, I hope to pick up electrical engineering knowledge and expand my skillset to the physical realm ideally to mechatronics.

Currently as of 2024.01, I am focusing on building proficiency in the C programming language and learning baremetal programming on the Atmel AVR microcontroller.

It’s going to be a very long journey, but here is a continually updating list of projects that I am doing (most recent, first):

On-hold Projects

Projects with promising potential, only if I just have the motivation to complete.

Spotify Discography Breakdown
MERN web application to see the trends of your favorite artist's songs using Spotify analysis features
Created 2023-07
nodejs mongodb react expressjs d3 spotify-api

Past Projects
(see full list on my Github)

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These projects are completed and ready to be use! Web-based projects are deployed, just click on the link! Other projects require manual installation, most of which should be explained in the README.md of the Github repo.

Interactive Country Name
interactive map for country names in different languages with grammatical genders
Created 2023-05
js d3
Personal Website
Development timeline of my personal website
Created 2021~05

These projects are not available to use. Either they didn't make it past the development stage, or require some workaround when setting it up on your machine, or I didn't want to bother with the last step of getting them running on a server. The links here are for documentation purposes.

FNF Chromatic Scale
FNF Boyfriend piano in vanilla JS
Created 2022-05
js css html
Brainf**k Interpreter
making an interpreter for the Brainf**k programming language
Created 2022-05
RIT Dining API
webscrapes RIT online dining menus and interfaces data with an API
Created 2021-12
python flask beautifulsoup
Geographize your Spotify listening history by mapping out country of origin
Created 2021-11
python spotify-api django
auto emailer
Python script to automate mass emailing tasks for my supplemental instructor job
Created 2021-09
python gmail-api
minesweeper clone
Minesweeper clone in Java
Created 2021-03
java javafx
Extract Spotify
Pandas and Bokeh program to visualize display Spotify listening history
Created 2021-01
python bokeh spotify-api
small programs
small programs that I have made when I was starting out
Created 2020-01

Projects made at hackathons

@ WicHacks 2023
A grocery inventory management system using weight measurement
Created 2023-03
nodejs arduino
Make your own Brainf**k language variant
@ RIT BrickHack9
choose your own symbols for the Brainf**k language
Created 2023-02
js react
Seinfeld Calendar
@ M&T Hack and Meet 2
(mostly) pure Javascript digital Seinfeld Calendar productivity tool
Created 2022-11
Tiger Bot
@ RIT BrickHack7
Discord bot that webscrapes the RIT dining website
Created 2021-02
python beautifulsoup discord-api