Yo it's Ashley
website of my projects
small programs
small programs that I have made when I was starting out
Created ~ 2020-01

  • Monty Hall Problem
    • Java implementation of the classic Monty Hall problem
    • the best answer: say yes
  • Sorting Algorithm Visualizer
    • made with ProcessingJS library
    • implemented with an interface, so all I had to do was code up the specific algorithm
    • fuelled my dislike for Javascript
  • Sudoku solver
    • learned about backtracking in CS2 and decided to try to solve sudoku puzzles with it
    • also watched Computerphile’s Sudoku solver video
  • Pygame Pong
    • recreation of classic Pong game
    • went through the RealPython tutorial to introduce my brother to coding and decided to try to implement Pong myself
  • Servings Converter
    • very crude Javascript
    • literally just modifying DOM elements