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log and wiki for things learned as I follow 'Make: AVR Programming' by Elliot Williams
Created ~ 2024-02




  • Working through Chapter 5
    • bought FTDI cable from Amazon and had to install driver from official website (simple installation process, just have the cable plugged in while it installs)
    • read through the UART0 section of datasheet and code for UART functions - essentially figuring out which bits in which registers to set with the help of mnemonic definitions
    • plan for next session is to write it down (for memory sake), probably solder up the speaker, and work on the chapter’s project


  • Worked through Chapter 4 of the book
    • learned about the common bit operations (bit twiddling as it’s reffered to in the book), _BV() macro, and the loop condition i < 255 when working with unsigned integers


  • Was working on the Automatic Dog Feeder Arduino project, then fell into a rut, but back at it again
  • Worked through Chapter 3 of the book, learned about how hardware registers are used in code and how a MOSFET works


  • TTIL to not buy kits if I will not be using 95% of the things in it
  • Instead order the required components separately and only pay for what you need

~Took a break because of other interests~


  • Following “Make: AVR Programming” by Elliot Williams
  • Plan is to use the Arudino as the target for flashing (using it for both the programmer and the Atmega chip)
  • After that, I will do research on using a dedicated hardware programmer and getting the chip by itself separate from the Arduino (https://www.digikey.com/ordering/shoppingcart), and perhaps some of the other hardware stuff I need later in the book

~Took a break because of school~


  • Started out intending to go through Real-Time C++ - Efficient Object-Oriented and Template Microcontroller Programming by Christopher Kormanyos
    • My plan was to go through Chapter 2 learning how to build and flash the led program onto the Arduino and then going over the details of the program
  • The book mentioned needing to build the GNU GCC cross compiler with MinGW/MSYS, so I attempted to that and failed miserably.
    • For some reason, gcc didn’t work on the MSYS terminals but I assumed that I could just use the one I already have working on Command Prompt (however it worked, I don’t know)
    • Then I figured I probably need to build it on my own anyways, so I tried unpacking the required programs but lzip was not doing it for me so I gave up
    • At this point, I had and still have no idea what I am doing
    • But I did find some good pages to help me understand more about MSYS
      • https://www.msys2.org/
      • https://www.msys2.org/docs/environments/
  • I gave up on the book and found a YouTube vid from Low Level Programming
    • Development is on a Linux environment and I didn’t want to bother figuring out how to install all the necessary programs/compilers on Windows so I switched over to WSL
    • Typed all the code out and ran make but got:
        avrdude: stk500_getsync() attempt 1 of 10: not in sync: resp=0x00
    • Searched the internet for why that is the case, and found a solution: I needed to reinstall the driver since the Arduino wasn’t showing up as “Arduino” but as “Univeral Serial Bus” on Device Managers:
    • But the avr problem was still showing up, so I figured it had to do with the COM ports not translating over to WSL
      • ports show up on WSL as /dev/ttyS# where # is the COM port #
      • Have to switch over to WSL 1 since WSL 2 doesn’t support serial ports (the link also contains instructions on how to change it)
    • Still didn’t work…so I tried to upload an Arduino sketch with the IDE and it worked so the Arduino isn’t broken
    • Tried to flash again and it worked!! I don’t know what that’s the case but it worked
  • Tried with the CPP code from the book but avr-g++ doesn’t include the standard library
    • https://stackoverflow.com/questions/22749477/how-to-use-c-std-with-avr-compiler
    • https://stackoverflow.com/questions/22749477/how-to-use-c-std-with-avr-compiler
    • https://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/462124/can-i-use-c-stl-in-avr-gcc#:~:text=Unfortunately%2C%20avr%2Dg%2B%2B%20does,to%20find%20out%20which%20ones.
  • tried to use the toolchains but still have no idea how it works