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simons says, automatic dog feeder
Created ~ 2024-02

These are small Arduino projects to introduce me to basic electrical concepts.

Simon Says


  • “touch sensors” with piezo transducers
  • LCD

Development Notes

Resources/Tutorials Used

Automatic Dog Feeder

Prototype 1

Clockwise: 1) Funnel design for box, 2) Pockets for trapped kibble leading to jam when closing, 3) Internal circutry and wiring



  • 3 triggers: Bluetooth, physical button, scheduled (in code)

Development Notes

  • Arduino board: Nano 33 IOT
    • Since I used a board with the header pins setup for breadboard use, using the pinout diagram was helpful to see where I needed to put the connections
  • Code for the Bluetooth feature sampled from the offical Arduino tutorial
    • Service is the Arduino with the servo activation boolean (0 for closed, anything else for open) as the characteristic
  • Code for automatic time activation feature sampled from offical Arduino tutorial about the internal RTC of the board
  • Connecting servo motors
    • Orange signal pin must wired to a PWM pin
    • Used the Sweep example with for loops for the open/close motion

Links to Useful Tutorials/Documentation for Arduino-specific projects