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minesweeper clone
Minesweeper clone in Java
Created ~ 2021-03
Tech Used ~ java, javafx


Around the beginning of 2021, I became a bit obsessed with Minesweeper. It started off with the command line version and after learning JavaFX in CS2 class, I decided to turned it into a GUI. It uses the MVC (Model-View-Controller) design. The GUI is a simple program so extra functionalities like chording, timing or any other features commonly found in Minesweeper clones are not implemented.


Here is a rough timeline of the development process. Unfortunately I didn’t put any timestamps, but the project was in active development for about two months.

  1. First run successful run! Right now the progam is able to generate a field with all the mines and numbers.

  2. Top is the what the game displays as its current state (none of the blocks are revealed). Bottom is the actual content of the block.

  3. Color with ANSI values (had to change the color scheme a little)

  4. How to win the game: all the mines are flagged! In the first part, I had one flag left. When I flagged the remaining mine, I won the game.

  5. Here is a gif of what the gameplay is like as of now:

  6. Made enum classes for each of the levels in Minesweeper with another constructor for custom boards.

  7. Adding override commands like this autoplay (created mainly for testing purposes)

  8. Rows and cols for easier gameplay

  9. Working on a GUI!

  10. Basic commands (revealing, flagging, unflagging) with game over function

  11. New game button feature for clicking and end of game