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What is TigerBot?
TigerBot is a Discord bot made for RIT students, by RIT students. It is host to many features specific for RIT such as RIT dining, social medias, etc. Its extensibility and ease-of-use can make many Tigers's life at RIT much simpiler.
Why Discord?
Over the years, Discord has risen to become one of the most popular networking platforms. Thanks to Discord's bot feature, many developers and hobbyists can design, create and build bots of all kinds. We saw this is an opportunity to create a bot for the students of RIT. With the numerous APIs out there, there is never something TigerBot cannot have.
What is the future of TigerBot after BrickHack?
We hope that this project can still in development. Although maybe it will not be a full one, brick by brick we can build TigerBot into at least something that be of use.
Vidya Tuttorail?

About the Developers

Ashley Liew
1st year CS. Software Hobbyist. Computing Enthusiast.
Jackson Murphy
1st year Software Engineering. Play Apex.
Jin Moon
Hi, I'm tired. 1st Software Engineering.