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Seinfeld Calendar
(mostly) pure Javascript digital Seinfeld Calendar productivity tool
Created ~ 2022-11
Tech Used ~ js


This project was a submission to M&T Hack and Meet hackathon, in collaboration with Zoe Bingham.

As you can tell by the scattered JS files in the repository and by how unhinged we were in the video…we made everything in pure client-side Javascript!!!! Well at least most of it (the backend used NodeJS and MongoDB). The UI is created via the DOM Element API and requests to the backend is made with the Fetch API.

As the nature in Javascript, the entire thing is spaghetti code.

Here’s a list of things we did during the hackathon:

  • trying to figure out how to use Typescript so we could have classes…more than three times
  • found Korean Fruit Snacks
  • converting back to Javascript because we couldn’t figure out how to set up Typescript
  • worked a Concessions shift mid-hackathon
  • trying to figure out how to import external Javascript files into a Javascript file
  • ended up including everything in <script> tech in the HTML file instead
  • ate probably 100 grams of sugar to go through the night
  • ended up staying awake for > 24 hours
  • bought back two pans of bread, another pan of vegan hotdogs, and a few bags of bagels
  • some other things I can’t remember

Javascript added a lot of layers to the hackathon experience, both good and bad. Using JS for this project gave me an appreciation for web frameworks and the abstraction they provide.